This delightful 11” x 8.5” kid’s coloring book featues 26 of the fun Good Glue trucks from A to Z. Printed on premium white paper and single sided so each page can be it’s own refrigerator masterpiece. Truckloads of coloring fun, plus bonus “draw your own truck” pages! Great for early ABC learners and perfect for truck enthusiasts of all ages!


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The Official Good Glue A to Z Guide to Trucks Coloring Book!

  • Available now on AMAZON

Good Glue Apps for Kids Toddlers Truck Enthusiasts Fire Truck Garbage Truck Tow Truck Trucks Dump Truck Log Truck Ambulance Truck Cement Truck Egg Truck Ice Cream Truck Junk Truck Hoist Truck Mail Truck Police Truck Recycling Truck Street Sweeper Truck Wood Chipper Truck Fun Games A to Z posters and Books